Need some practice tapes?
or perhaps, you're curious how others play these tunes?

Here are some RealAudio encoded versions of various Morris tunes. We use some of them for practice when we don't have a musician. There is a fairly complete repertoire. They are all, unless noted, full length versions. Enjoy.

The musicians on these tapes include: Leah Barkan - accordion, Paul Kerlee - accordion, Jim Norman - concertina, Nelson Beers - extraneous penny whistles or recorders. Another musician I recognize on some of these tunes is Brad Foster on accordion. There are probably others whom I don't know as well. (Is it Paul Friedman on the Ducklington workshop stuff?)

I've added two tapes from Paul. Al Herman's Morris tape and what I call the BASF Morris tape. The first is a tape that Al collected of mostly Mianus River dancing at practices. The second is a collection of Mianus and other teams, some English, gathered from unknown sources. If any of these are copyrighted I will remove them.

Thanks to Paul Kerlee for recording these in the first place.

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Abbots Bromley Horn Dance
- played on concertina from our 12th night of 1987.


Beaux of London City - old recording (copyrighted?), live, w/ sticks, fiddler only!!, Paul? calls over it, no bells (BASF A18)

Beaux of London City  w/ sticking, no bells - (Al Herman's Morris tape #B1)

(Adderbury? - Constant Billy) -  "w/ single chorus", good recording, I say "Hi Paul", slight musical mistake, no bells, no calls, no sticks (ConstantBilly.rm)

Constant Billy - nice one note beginning, bells, sticks, misc crowd noise, (Judith) not as good a recording but with (good) stick clashes  (ConstantBillyA.rm)

Constant Billy - w/ singing intro, w/ sticks & bells, whops, Amy, Judith (Al Herman's Morris tape #A10)

Constant Billy - w/ sticks and bells, male intro (BASF A4)

Lads a Bunchum - (Oh dear Mother...), outside, w/ bells & sticks, birds!, audience in background (BASF A9)

The Roast Beef Of Old England - Nice tune!, sticks, no bells (Al Herman's Morris tape #B5)

Shepherd's Hey - good recording (from an International Night gig we did 4/88, have video of this), much better recording, no bells  (Shepherd.rm)

Shepherd's Hey - gets louder, squeal, no bells, Paul calls (BASF A8)

Sweet Jenny Jones - no bells, w/ sticks w/ barely audible singing, kinda dull recording, John M calling?, fast chorus at the end low level recording, (Al Herman's Morris tape #A14)


Ascot Under Wichwood (sp?)

Jockey To The Fair - Someone says "Jockey to the Fair, Ascot Under Wichwood, double" at the beginning of the tape so I assume that is what it is. It sounds like it but I can't guarantee it is the right tradition. Amy Brewer in the background, unknown beginner musician on fiddle? No bells, some calls audible  

Jockey To The Fair (part 1) (Al Herman's Morris tape #A12)
Then Al breaks in accidently so we have  Jockey To The Fair (part 2) (Al Herman's Morris tape #A13) 


Banbury Bill - another great recording, Paul calling, no bells (BanburyBill.rm)

Bonnie Green Garters - English male announcer, bells, no singing (BASF A6)
Bonnie Green continued - applause at end (BASF A7)

Constant Billy - good recording, Paul calling, baby in background? (slight musical mistake), no bells  (ConstantBillyB.rm)

Highland Mary - (Al playing harmonica?) Paul calling, no bells (me and Elly yakking it up? Judith?) good recording, Amy in background?  (HighlandMary.rm)

Jenny Lind - John Mazza intros, no  bells. (Al Herman's Morris tape #B2)

Jenny Lind - faster tempo than the tape I have but this could be the same tape played at the correct speed?, male caller, w/ bells (BASF A2)

Maid of the Mill - Amy calling. (Al Herman's Morris tape #A4)

Nutting Girl - Paul calls, jig? (Al Herman's Morris tape #B7)

Princess Royal - great recording, Leah? no bells  (PrincessRoyal.rm)

Step and Fetch Her - Paul calling, good recording, so so performance, no bells  (StepandFetchHer.rm)

Step and Fetch Her - Leah playing, Paul calling, good recording, no bells, better recording than above (StepandFetcHer.rm), musical mistake  (StepandFetch.rm) (duller version of AHB8?)

Step and Fetch Her - slightly different version than we are used to, good recording, Paul calling, weird ending, Amy? no bells (StepandFetch2.rm)
Step and Fetch Her - Paul calls, no bells (Al Herman's Morris tape #B8)


3 Muskateers - good recording, from an International Night gig we did 4/88 (have video of this), no bells, w/ 2 mistaken clashes of sticks in the beginning   (3Muskateers.rm)

3 Muskateers - Amy calling, interesting version (tape recorder probably only picked up one side of the accordion.), Judith, very low level but a slightly different verison than what we are used to  (3Muskateers2.rm)

3 Muskateers - Paul calling, w/ sticks, no  bells, rounds repeated? (Al Herman's Morris tape #B4)

Morningstar - Amy calling, good recording, no bells, do I hear a recorder in there somewhere Nelson? 

William and Nancy - better, Amy, low level, no bells, who is playing? (WilliamandNancy.rm)

Bledington?-  William & Nancy - Amy calling, Nelson? noodling on a recorder in the background, no bells (Al Herman's Morris tape #A3)

Young Collins - good recording, bells, Paul calling, sticks, applause at the end  (YoungCollins.rm)


Black Joke (Joe?) - Brad Foster calling while playing during our workshop (10/87 or 9/88?) with 20-30 dancers, w/ lots of bells  (BlackJoke.rm)

Blue Eyed Stranger - (note the tempo!) Brad Foster calling while playing during our workshop (10/87 or 9/88?) with 20-30 dancers, w/lots of bells  (BlueEyed.rm)

Blue Eyed Stranger - concertina, nice recording, Jim Norman on concertina? w/ bells (BlueEyedconcertina.rm)

Queen's Delight - Brad Foster calling while playing during our workshop (10/87 or 9/88?) with 20-30 dancers, w/bells. He stops briefly before the back to back but starts up quickly again and he plays B music when should be A music for a brief moment. (use other version?) slightly echoey room/low level at times  (QueensDelight.rm)

Queens Delight  - good recording (from an International Night gig we did 4/88, have video of this), no bells, no calling  (QueensDelight2.rm)


Most of these Ducklington tunes taken from a workshop Sue Salmons taught 11/86. We have video of this. There are calls and LOTS of bells (20+ dancers).(Who is playing fiddle? Paul Friedman?)

Boys of The Bunch (Lollipop)  (BoysLollipop.rm)

Nutting Girl - w/ a little barely audible recorder too  (NuttingGirl.rm)

The Lollipop Man -  no bells ( Al Herman's Morris tape #A14)  

Old Taylor- spoken intro by Sue Salmons  (OldTaylor.rm)

Princess Royal - interesting version  (PrincessRoyalD.rm)

29th of May - (Constant Billy tune but no sticks) Amy calling, Paul too, w/ bells (Al Herman's Morris tape #A7)

29th of May - (Oh dear mother tune), fast, no singing, no bells, males (BASF A17)

Constant Billy - w/ bells & sticks, missed intro, Amy calls, Amy whoop (Al Herman's Morris tape #A6)

Constant Billy - sticks, no bells, male (BASF A16)

Fool's Jig - w/ bells, outside!, tire squeal! (BASF A10)

Getting Upstairs - w/ bells, level gets lower at end, unknown tune, (caper caper one two three), good recording, slightly low level  (Al Herman's Morris tape #A8)

Rigs O Marlow - Paul calling, no bells, w/ sticks (RigsOMarlow.rm)


Old Woman* - no bells, males (BASF A15)
*These are all the same series, English Morris team

Old Woman - I give intro?, bells, Amy, not much melody on the accordion, repeated figure towards end, good recording except for micing only one side of the accordion, can barely hear calls  (OldWoman.rm)


Ring O Bells - no bells, w/ sticks, stops then continues in the middle, mostly oompah not much melody, Leah calls out for accordion player to stop for the silent sticking chorus (Al Herman's Morris tape #B5)


Cuckoos Nest -  Paul calling (barely audible), no bells, good recording  (CuckoosNest.rm)

Moncks March - (*who is calling?)  faster than our usual tempo, who is calling? (workshop?), no bells   (MoncksMarch.rm)

Monck's March - no bells (Al Herman's Morris tape #B9)

Monck's March - so fast!, w/bells, Amy? yells higher (recording level goes down), Amy yells again, smacks as they fall together!!  (BASF A5)

Orange In Bloom - no bells, good recording  (OrangeInBloom.rm)

Orange In Bloom* - English man introduces, male calls/instructs?, no bells, argh! (BASF A14)
*These are all the same series, English Morris team


Upton on Severn - good recording, (from an International Night gig we did 4/88, have video of this) Loud. no bells, no sticks   (Upton.rm)

Upton On Severn (w/ baby Nelson Beers hooting in the beginning) (948k), no bells, w/ sticks, (weird edit towards end), Paul calling  (UptonOnSevern.rm)

Upton On Severn - w/ sticks, no bells (Al Herman's Morris tape #A16)

- only a few bars, w/ bells (BASF A1)

And it's not Mianus but it's close. The Greenwich Guard doing a rapper dance at our 12th Night in 1987 VERY FAST!! Great percussion. Emily, Andreus's wife playing fiddle I presume.

Unknown traditions

Baca Pipes - (late cue), love this tune! (BASF A1)

The Bridge (The Quaker)  - A dance we made up in honor (?) of the Mianus River bridge that fell down. (Did we make up the tune too? Where is it from?) Missed a little of the intro, Paul calls, with stomping, sticking, whole gyp twice, no bells, "lines" (Al Herman's Morris tape #A5)

Forester! - missed beginning, male caller (Brad Foster?), w/ bells (BASF B1), Paul explains the dance  (BASF B2)

Hunt The Squirrel - male caller (Brad Foster?), w/ bells & sticks (BASF B5)

Morning Star - no bells, Amy, weird version, crash?/laughter (me?), low level, (sounds like Maid of the Mill at times)  (MorningStar2.rm)

Shepherds Hey - (*Who is calling? playing?. Our musicians don't play it this way.) Faster tempo than we are used to, good enough recording, no bells   (ShepherdsHey3.rm)

Unknown tunes

The label said: "Lads A Bunchum, Glorishears, Rose Tree, Shepherd's Hey" but I don't recognize them and Jockey to the Fair was in the middle, which wasn't on the label.

1) Unknown1.rm -  no intro, sounds familiar but I don't know it by name. (Also what tradition is this?) no bells   

2) Unknown2.rm - Leah in background, false start, with beginner on fiddle, dancing heard in the background but no bells   

3) Unknown3.rm - missed intro, familiar tune, (*who's calling?), no bells  

Pete Thomas's guesses:
1) Lumps of Plum Pudding. Bledington as far as I can work out.
2) Jig Ladies Pleasure. Bledington Jig
3) A version of the Rose Tree. It doesn't sound like the Bampton version

What tradition is this?

Nutting Girl - male caller (Brad Foster?), w/bells, complete  (BASF B4)

Remaining questions:
Who plays fiddle on Ducklington workshop stuff? Paul Friedman?
Headington - 29th of May is Constant Billy tune?
Who is calling dances marked with * ? (not including the other set of English dancers but I do wonder if those are copyrighted...)