Mianus River Morris Members past and present

(Taken from phone lists. If they were on a phone list, they are on this list as far as I am concerned. E-mail addresses may be out of date by now...)


Should we add some history here too? Years w/ team, last seen..., news...?

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* indicates I can get in touch with them somehow. Write me.
(S) indicates former squire

Bacon, Jim and Elise*

Ballard, Rose
Barkan, Leah
Basili, Laura
Bass, Marybeth *
Beers, Gail
Beers, Nelson  
Blank, Al *
Bossen, Jo Ellen *
Bowker, Ryan *
Bradbury, Pat and Rickie
Brewer, Amy (Saco) *
Britt, Marcye *
Burtcholder, Nancy
Carire, Jeanine
Carroll, Marie (Noonan)
Chapman, Claudia
Cohen, Eileen (Rowan) *
Cohen, Lynn (Zygmont) *
Cohn, Connie
Crombie, Shasta
Curley, Jane
Delacruze, Rosy
Dill, Cindy (Goldowsky)
Dyer, Hery
Erenburg, Bob and Fran
Fein, Michael
Ford, Laverne

Foster, Jenny and Brad
Foster, Terry
Garvie, Alison (Clausi) *
Geach, Roger
Gelineau, Rick *
Goddard, Pam *
Gorman, Bonnie (Long) *
Gundolfi, Holly *
Haley, Richard  (deceased. See http://www.neeea.org/haley.html)
Hall, Susanna
Hare, John
Hayden, Aaron *
Herman, Al and Fried
Kaminsky, Michelle
Katz, Eric *
Kerlee, Paul (S)
Keyes, Jim
Kleinberg, Bob
Kohout, Patsy
Koser, Bernie
Kuntz, Andy - see his incredible Fiddle tune database
Laibow, Rima *
Lento, Nick *
Lerner, Doug *
Linguiti, Bob *
Lippincott, John
Macias, Eugenia
Marais, Andee (Rusin)
Mazza, John and Carol (S)
McElhannon, Betsy
Menoher, Greg *
Miller, Andrew Seth*
Mish, Elly *

Neafsey, Helen *
Noonan, Brian
Norman, Jim *
Norris, Jenny *
O'Connell, Adele
Olson, Wally  (See also his traditional music pages)
Pearson, Victor and Valerie
Peterson, Sandy
Poile, Tony *
Roberts, Peter
Romersa, Peter *
Santos, Rod *
Saunders, Ginger
Schafele, Wanda
Schmidt, Judith *
Schwarzkopf, Cindy
Shay, Chris
, Willow (?) (Soltow) *
Smith, Mark
Sopia, Sue
Speno, Andy *
Steinberg, Milt
Tyner, Emily
Vasanti, Pia
Velonis, Jeanne *
Villardo, Janice
Whitney-Paine, Stephanie
Wilkinson, Cindy
Wojcik, Peggy *
Zaremba, Christine*
Zingher, Judy

Zygmont, Doug and Debbie*
Zygmont, Nancy

(?) = unknown maiden or married name or other question

A little extra:
The Greenwich Guard 1982

Emily Thompson, Tony Poile, Chuck and Greg Menohar, Rhett Krause, Paul Kerlee, Michelle Kaminsky, Aaron and Andreas (S) Hayden, Ryan Bowker