Traditions cheat sheet
The large print edition.

This was based on a sheet Marie typed up years ago. I expanded on it to include all our known repertoire. Ideally it was to be printed on a small enough sheet of paper that could be stuffed in your pocket to remind you how that dance goes but I have never been able to get it to a good size and still be readable.


Information not guaranteed to be correct...
(This hasn't been proofread by others.)

Code: S=big stick, s=short stick, h=hankie, ss=side step, r=right, l=left

Tradition, figures and
other info (emphasis mine)
Dances and their choruses
Dances are arranged by format: clapping, hankie, big stick, small stick as applicable.
Walk round
Foot up (2x)
1/2 gyp
Process down
Process up
Hands round
(dreaded) Adderbury hey

Right foot

Shepherd’s Hey clap 
ankles, hips, heart, lips, air

The Buffoon clap
hands, shoulder, nose, head, air

Black Joke h
ss down large, ss up small

Lad’s A Bunchum
sing O Dear Mother...
double, single, high

Beaux of London City S
clash, shooting, rooks

Constant Billy
partners, middles up, partners, middles down 

Blue Bells of Scotland
sing O where and o where...
double sticking

Sweet Jenny Jones
singles, doubles (3x)

Roast Beef of Olde EnglandS
sing  last chorus only? 
double sticking always?

Foot up and down
1/2 gyp
Whole gyp

all Hankie

Left foot

Bacon: slow tempo, step briskly

The oldest village in the world.

Jenny Lind 
clap clap down comes the rain

Highland Mary
45 degree angle left then right

Maid of the Mill
jump & clap, jump & clap, hey

Step and Fetch Her
shave the donkey/capers across, turn right then left 

Flowers of Edinburgh
on left knee then right

Banbury Bill
circle, cross, cross, circle

Rose Tree
(same as Banbury Bill, different tune)

Webley Twizzle
ss w/ show then half hey?

Bonnie Green sing  #3 last off

Princess Royal jig
toe crossing figure in chorus, otherwise the same as Nutting Girl

Nutting Girl jig 
capers, squatters

Foot up and down
1/2 gyp
Whole gyp

start on outside foot
hey on inside foot 
gyps: left foot then right
Hook Legs

Hankies: helicopters back

Morning Star h
right, middle then left ?

William and Nancy h
salute, half caper, fore caper, upright caper


Black Joke S
side step right,  side step left, little foot up and 4 capers?

Young Collins
syncopated @ end

Three Musketeers S
1st corners,2nd corners, partner

The Bridge
bring license plates

The Gallant Hussar S
partners cross and half hey =?

Foot up and down
Hands across = (shoulder to shoulder?)
Back to back in line
Whole hey

all are Hankie

Bacon: brisk and jerky 

Blue Eyed Stranger
middles split tops on hey

Queen’s Delight
double step, half capers, full capers, uprights (2x each)

Nine Men’s
foot up, 4 heys along lines, alt corners, 1/2 rounds, all in

Foot up
half rounds 
half hey
whole hey

side step left, then right, then hey
(except Nutting Girl)

Nutting Girl
in place, side steps, beetles

Old Taylor (Tylor)
corner: ss l, ss r half caper, caper left, caper right, left foot tap

The Lollipop Man (?)

Fieldtown (Leafield)
Foot up and down
half gyp
Back to back 
Rounds w/ clump
All in

strong phrasing
arms and feet loose
Galley Out in beginning?, then Left then Right
sticks held horizontally at side when not in use

Balance the Straw S no toss
sing Hark the Herald @ end

Step Back h
3 checks left to right, 2 r-to-l,  hey

Waltzing Matilda
toss last


Foot up (2x)
Cross over
Back to back
Whole hey

William Kimber- “Plenty of brisk but no excitement “

29th of May
4 corner helicopters forward

Bean-setting 2s?
strike around set

Constant Billy 2s No singing

Fools Jig s fast then slow 
(Bacon =Bampton)

Getting Upstairs
Caper, caper, 1, 2, 3.

Rigs of Marlow 2s
hopping alternating feet and stick

Rodney s (?)

foot up (2x)
half gyp - 1st couple does 1st half
cross over -all together
back to back -1st couple does whole figure then all

Bacon: Straightlegs and lightly

Old Woman (Tossed Up in a Blanket)
(Bacon: side step and half heys)
Swagger round
Back to back
Cross over
Lichfield hey (ones cross...)
Head up (1&3 L, 2& 4 R)

Bacon: Big body movements

Ring O Bells 2S
PULL ROPE right left partner partner

Vandals of Hammerwich S
REALLY WAIL* right left partner partner

*(watch your backswing)

Foot up and down
1/2 gyp
Face to face
Back to back
Half rounds
Head up

all Hankie

(Bacon: No hankies for Monck's!) 

Monck’s March
salute, galley, fore caper, splitters

Cuckoo’s Nest
bottoms 4 capers, middles join in, then all galley out, repeat w/ tops starting

Orange in Bloom - corner
salute, galley, ftj, upright caper
(then cross: 2 hc, galley r, ftj, 2 pc)
(more dances?)

Middles left
Middles right
Cross and turn

Bacon: stepping “indefinite”

Upton-on-Severn stick dance S tips and butts, pushing, windmills (repeat)