A Chronology

This is an incomplete history of the team's performances and team/Morris related events gathered from flyers and personal notes of various people. Any info you could add would be appreciated and could be added to future editions. Photos, when available, are next to their dates. "Video" means we have video of that event. Links to video files should not work though; there just wasn't room to upload video and I haven't changed all the links yet. See them on YouTube instead. Any recordings here will use RealPlayer. Get it for free from Real.com.

Note also the full recordings of our 1983, 1986 and 1987 12th Night shows!

List of practice spaces (in order?)
North Mianus Community Center, Eastern Greenwich Civic Center, Western Greenwich Civic Center, Grenwich Senior Center (on Greenwich Ave), Nathaniel Witherell Home, (more?)

List of squires
Jenny Norris, Aaron and Andreus Hayden, Amy Brewer, Paul Kerlee, John and Caol Mazza.

Known dates (in reverse chronological order)

St. John's Episcopal Church, New Rochelle,
Renaissance Christmas. John, Christine and Paul perform.)

Leah's 80th Birthday party, Church in the Highlands, White Plains, NY
Various pics Getting ready Our cue Processing in Before Upton Upton 1 Upton 2 Upton 3 Resting More resting Michelle, John, Jeanne, Gretchen

Christ's Church, Rye.
Process out of the church and dance a few for the crowd. Debut of Rod and Christine! Pictures: Dancers. Leah and Brian beforehand, Carol and Paul, Paul, Monk's March:1,2,3,4,5,6,7

(Did anything happen inbetween these dates?)  

Greenwich Historical Society.
Party afterwards at Wally's new house in Chappaqua. (We dance off.)

?/01, NOMAD. Article Helen wrote for the Greenwich Time.

Old Westbury Gardens, Old Westbury, Long Island, NY. With Three Village Morris.

Christ's Church, Rye, NY Pentecost Sunday,
Splash festival, Norwalk, Ct,
Carol's father's retirement home, Wilton, CT

New Pond Farm, West Redding CT
(pictures of Upton 1 2 3 and  proof sheets of other dances 1, 2, ,3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 (Watching the May Pole, another) You may need to turn your computer sideways for some of them...) Party at Helen's afterwards.

Memorial tree dance in memory of Nathan Velonis, Ardsley, NY,
party afterwards at Jeanne and John's

Waldorf School, Newton, CT

Renaissance Fair, C.W. Post College, Long Island, NY
. With 3 Village Morris.

Nowell Sing We Clear, New Haven, CT.
Only John and Carol and John L go.

NOMAD, Newton, CT.
We perform out front on Saturday as usual. Share segment with Three Village, New Haven, and kids.

Ossining Farmer's Market, Ossining NY.
COLD and early, 9AM!!

John Jay Homestead, Katonah, NY.
Another hot day

SeptemberFest, Roger Sherman Baldwin Park, Greenwich, CT.
I think we only had four for this gig.

Three Arrows, Putnam County, 8pm.
A fine performance with the debut of our new member, John Hare from England. The first and last time we saw him perform. Never saw him after that...

Party at Paul's (Wicker Man showing)

Dobb's Ferry Renaissance Festival, then party at Helen's after

Pound Ridge, NY, May Day festivities

Montessori School, Newton, CT

Westchester Country Club, Harrison, NY, children's festival w/ maypole

12th Night Party at Helen's, West Redding, CT

Celebration 2000, Stratford, CT.
We dance outside before the performance.

Nowell Sing We Clear, New Haven, CT

, We dance from 3-4 pm out front.

Millstone Day of Dance w/ Belchamp Morris Men, Deja Vu and Handsome Molly. (JL only goes for the Molly dancing.) video

Andee and Denis' wedding, Stamford, CT.

Dog Days Ale, Trumansburg, NY (JL only)

Christ's Church, Rye, NY.
Pentecost Sunday, a warm reception, Winstered in, abbreviated Monck's March in chancel.

Pelham Country Club, Pelham, NY

New Pond Farm, West Redding CT
(pic) ....High point: the sheep escaping the sheep dog exhibition, going into the woods... Party after at Helen's

Come By The Hills, Pequot library, Southport, CT

May Day, Pound Ridge Reservation,  NY,
a beautiful day, Maypole (pics:

Party at Patsy's

Patsy's party

NOMAD, Newton, CT
w/ Banbury Cross, Bassett Street Hounds, Borderline Morris, Gay Blades Rapper, Hat City Morris, New Haven Morris and Sword, Ring-O-Bells, Six-In-Hand Sword, Three Village, Velocirappers

John Jay Homestead, Katonah, NY

Paul's party, Elmsford, NY pics of us with cheeseballs

South Presbyterian Church, Dobbs Ferry, NY and Dobbs Ferry PTA Renaissance Fair (blurb)

New Pond Farm & Helen's party, West Redding, CT

Nathaniel Witherall Home, Greenwich, CT

Round Hill contra dance, Greenwich, CT

Pound Ridge Reservation, NY
(photos:our entrance, Leah and Paul playing, Judy fooling par excelence, Jeanne playing rubber chicken!, Andee and John doing Boghouse, Our music revolves around Leah, maypole. After, party at Alison's, Greenwich CT

Jeanne's party, Dobbs Ferry, NY

May Day at New Haven

Party at the Mazza's

Bonnie (Long) & Bryan Gorman's wedding, Milford Yacht Club, Milford, CT.

6/97 Pocantico Hills NY church (with Matisse windows), pics. (The best lines and uniformity I've seen in a still picture of us.)

May Day morning in New Haven

Wedding of Susan Thompson & Louis Fierro
(We Winster, Sweet Jenny Jones, Blue Eyed Stranger and Bonnie Green. We modify lyrics to Sweet Jenny Jones and Bonnie Green personalizing for Susan’s name.)

14th Annual Mixed Morris Ale, Mountain Lakes Camp, North Salem, NY. (Happy Tr'Ales Ale)
Hosted by New Haven. Sites: Muscoot Farm, South Salem Library (video), Chappaqua Library, Katonah Library, John Jay Homestead (video), Kingsland Point Park, Yellow Monkey Antiques (video), Warner Library, Greenburgh Library, Kensico Dam (video), Cannon Crossing (video), Scott-Fanton House Danbury, West Redding RR Station, Silvermine Tavern, Ives Museum, Ballard Park Article with pics by Helen in Greenwich Time. 3 pics  pic of Elise, Oliver, Jim, Claudia, Mark, John Mazza, unknown female, unknown male, Marie, Judy and Patsy at the dinner table at an ale at Mountain Lakes Camp (Note bottles of wine so must be an ale hosted by New Haven. Second pic without Patsy.

Video on the CD:
Blue Eyed Stranger (96 ale bes 2.rm)
Hard to tell who is who but here's a guess: 1-John Mazza, 2-Carol, 3-Andee, 4-Marcye, 5-Wally, 6-Mark, 7-me, 8-Judy. Andy and Leah playing.

Perform at South Presbyterian Church, Dobbs Ferry, NY
w/ John &  Carol Mazza, Mark Smith, John L, Judy Zingher, Andee Rusin, Elise Bacon,  Bacon, Leah Barkan and Paul Kerlee

May Day, Pound Ridge, NY, with Six in Hand Sword
(photo of Brian and Marie), Brian as green man

portriat at Nathanial Witheral
w/ John M, Leah, Carol, John L, Paul, Mark, Judy, Bob Linguitti, Wally.

Westchester Friends of UNICEF Benefit, Manhattanville College, Purchase, NY

NOMAD, Newtown, Ct

13th Annual Mixed Morris Ale, Mountain Lakes Camp, North Salem, NY (Baker's Dozen Ale)
Hosted by New Haven. Teams included (according to T-shirt): New Haven Morris and Sword, Bassett Street Hounds, lemon and Capers, midnight Capers, Hat City, Rose and Thorn, Griggstown Lock, Merrie Mac, Not For Joes, Heartless Oaks, Three Village, Six-in-Hand Sword, Middlesex, Mystic Garland, New World Sword, Thornden and The Black Jokers. Sites: Muscoot farm (video), Golden’s Bridge (photos of me yelling at Alison 1 2 3), South Salem Library, Chappaqua Library, Kingsland Point Park, North Salem Vineyard, Yellow Monkey Antiques, Patron’s Park  Tarrytown, Warner Library Tarrytown, Kensico Dam (video), Cannon Crossing, West Redding RR Station, Putnam Park Redding (video), Danbury Green, Silvermine Tavern, Canon Crossing (video), Ballard Park (video)

St Patrick’s Day Dinner & Auction, St Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Hartsdale, NY

12th Night, Pound Ridge church, Pound Ridge, NY

Patsy's party

Ridgefield Chorale, East Ridge Middle School, Ridgefield, CT

Ship Ale, Ringing Rocks Family Campground, Upper Black Eddy, Pa & Milford, NJ.
locations included Miryam's Farm (video), a vineyard (video), and other unknown locations (video), w/ Bluemont Morris, Cam Valley Morris Men, Court Square Dancers, Griggstown Lock, Handsome Molly, HuMP (Hurst Morris People), Millstone River Morris, New Haven Morris and Sword, Rock Creek Morris Women, Shandygaff Longsword (video)

Video on the CD:
Webley Twizzle at the Vineyard. (94 SA Webly Twizzle 2.rm) 1-Patsy, 2-Carol, 3-John Mazza, 4-Andee, 5-me, 6-Marcye. Paul playing.

Burke Rehabilitation Center, White Plains, NY

Diamond Jubilee, Long Ridge Library, Danbury, CT

Nathaniel Witherall performance

Patsy's Pub Party

Andee party, Stamford, CT

Marcye's party

Brian and Marie's wedding
(video), pics: leapfrogging over the bride!, we read Paul's poem and group portrait.

Paul's church

12th Annual Mixed Morris Ale, Mountain Lakes, North Salem, NY.
Hosted by New Haven. included Chappaqua Library (video), Kingsland Point Park (video), Kensico Dam (video), Danbury (leapfrogging pic, video), Ridgefield (video), skit (video) (blurb with picture taken at New Pond Farm)

Video on the CD:
3 Muskateers (94 ale 3 Muskateers kpp 1.rm)
At Kingsland Point Park on the Hudson! 1-John Mazza, 2-Wally, 3-Marcye, 4-Mark, 5-me, 6-Andee?, Andy, Leah and Jim Norman playing. Shot of Marie at the end.

Chappaqua Library, Step and Fetch Her (94? ale chap safh 1.rm)
1-John Mazza, 2-Carol, 3-Marcye, 4-Wally, 5-Andee, 6-Mark. Andy and Leah playing.

Ale Skit Brian and Marie's wedding with an intro by Andee (94 ale skit B&Ms.rm)
Queen KomonIwannalaiya intros skit with Wally presiding, Marcye as Marie, John Mazza as Brian, Jim Norman playing the concertina, Mark is the father of the bride. Stephanie the ring-bearer. Andee ends up with another of her mc characters.

Ale Skit, 2 mcs by Andee, one with Jim Norman and one with Patsy (94 ale skit 2 mcs 2.rm)
First Hans and Franz (Andee and Jim Norman) want to pump you up! Then Andee and Patsy represent the Baldrick Guild!

Copper Family perform at Pinewoods FMC, NYC

New Pond Farm, West Redding CT

Renaissance gig, Wilton CT
(photo of us in silly hats)

Pound Ridge & Tom Paxton Family May Day Concert, Weston High School auditorium, Weston, CT (Pound Ridge blurb)

Patsy's pre-May Day Party

Unknown gig?

Renaissance Fair, CW Post College, Westbury, NY
guests of 3 Village

Party for Gail (birthday) and Eileen at Mazza's

Danbury CT gig?

Andy Kuntz, Leah and Paul at Nathaniel Witheral

12th Night at Pound Ridge Church, Pound Ridge, NY

Christmas/solstice party at Patsy's, everyone on the stairs.

1993 (fall)
Video on the CD:
Queen's Delight (93 nomad qd 2.rm)
1-John Mazza, 2-Carol, 3-Patsy, 4-Marcye, 5-me, 6-Elise

Ring O' Bells (93 nomad rob 2.rm)
1-John Mazza, 2-Marcye, 3-Paul, 4-Jeanne?, 5-Mark, 6-Elise, 7-me, 8-Carol

Alison's and Andrew's wedding in the Catskills
(video) Leah sacked out.
Video on the CD:
Queen's Delight, Alison dancing in her wedding dress! (93 alison queens delight 1.rm) 1-John, 2-Alison, 3-Elise, 4-Carol, 5-Andee, 6-me

Waltzing Matilda (93 alison wm 1.rm) 1-John,  2-Marcye, 3-Carol, 4-Andee, 5-me, 6-Mark. Some tough  sticking.

Party at Patsy's (some time in the summer)
Video on the CD of Nutting Girl in street clothes (93 patsy party ng 2.rm) 1-Carol, 2-Eileen, 3-Wally, 4-Mark, 5-me, 6-Patsy

Kintbury May Maids visit?

Paul at Buffalo Gap

New Pond Farm, Redding, CT (newspaper blurb)

11th Annual Mixed Morris Ale Mountain Lakes Camp, North Salem, NY
Mianus River hosts. Tours included Muscoot Farm (video), Chappaqua Library (video), Kensico Dam (video), Cannondale (video), Greenwich (video). Teams included: Middlesex, 3 Village, Baltimorris, New Haven, Bassett Street Hounds, Midnight Capers,  Fool's Choice (Palo Alto CA), Fiddler's Reach, More or Less Morris, Court Square dancers, Griggstown Lock, New World Sword, Rose and Thorn, schedule, ale song lyrics, Greenwich Time blurb (with picutre of us in Guilford at previous ale) also appeared in the NYT, Weekend Magazine newspaper blurb with pic taken at Civic Center, Greenwich Time article with pic taken at Nathanial Witheral, team roster, me with broken stick at Kensico.

Video of us doing Black Joke with 2 sets, in Greenwich! With intro from Jeff Bigler and ? Set on left: 1-, 2-Mark, 3-?, 4-?, 5-me, 6-Andy. Set on right: 1-John Mazza, ???

May Day at Pound Ridge, Video on the CD: Boghouse (93? md boghouse 2.rm) Andy Kuntz playing fiddle, with Leah 1-John Mazza, 2-Andee?, 3-Wally, 4-Marcye, 5-Patsy, 6-Stephanie, 7-me, 8-Carol


practice at Nathaniel Witherall (video) Video of practice and a party at John and Carol's. People I recognize include: John, Elise, Mark, Wally, Connie, Bob L, Carol, Oliver (gets most of the cameraman's attention), Marcye, Leah, Marybeth Bass, Patsy, Andy Kuntz, Stepanie, me, Then at the party we see: Megan (Eileen and Neal's), Oliver, Carol, Ceili (sp? Maryann and Jim's), Mark, Connie, Marcye, Gail, Warren, me, Brian, Bob, Leah, Jim Bacon, Jim (Maryann's husband), Neal, Eileen, Maryann, Gretchn, Patsy, the Bacon's daughter (sorry I can't remember her name), Marie, Bonnie, Elise, John Mazza, Paul, Nelson. I think that's everybody. Please forgive me if I've left anyone out.

NOMAD, Sandy Hook, CT. w/ Mystic Garland, Jigs-R-Us, Six in Hand, Video of:  Sweet Jenny Jones. All woman set! 1-Cindy, 2-Carol, 3-Patsy, 4-Marcye, 5-Alison, 6-Elise. Queen's Delight (92 nomad qd 2.rm) 1-John Mazza, 2-Mark, 3-me 4-Carol, 5-Alison, 6-Elise, Jim Norman playing concertina and Leah. Check out the Halloween costumes in the audience.

Mark and Gretchen Smith's wedding at Round Hill.

The 10th Five Day Wonder, more or less, Ithaca,  NY
(JL goes)

10th Annual Mixed Morris Ale, Mountain Lakes Camp, North Salem, NY
(Leap Year Ale) Mianus River hosts. Tours included North Salem library (video), Yellow Monkey (video), Kensico Dam (video), Greenwich Park by Greenwich Ave (video), Teams included: New Haven Morris and Sword, Shambles, 3 Village, Midnight Capers, Millstone, Palo Alto, Hearts of Oak, Twilight Bells, Fools Choice, Middlesex, New World Sword, Rose and Thorn, Six in Hand, (video of their skits***)

Radio announcement about the ale. (WMMR?)

Mianus team at it's largestMarcye, Jim, Elise and Cindy sitting, 9 Mens pic 1, 9 Mens pic 2, 9 Mens pic 3, Bonnie and Marie, Ted Crane and Nancy Lindsay, Paul on accordion, roster of teamspic of almost everybody in Greenwich.

Video on the CD:
Sweet Jenny Jones for 2 sets (92 ale sjj for 2 1.rm) at Kensico Dam. Carol horsing. Set on the left: 1-John Mazza, 2-Andy, 3-Bonnie, 4-Patsy?, 5-Judith, 6-Alison. Set on the right: 1-Mark, 2-Pia, 3-Marcye, 4-Gail, 5-me, 6-Claudia,

Team portrait and then everyone joins in (92 ale team jl.rm)

9 Men's (92 ale 9 Mens 1.rm) Carol leads, 9 Person's Morris, with leapfrogging! First row Alison?, Carol, Patsy. Second row: Elise?, Marcye?, Andy?, Third row, Mark, Marie, me.

Bonnie Green (92 ale BG 1.rm)
Brian and John Mazza? lead

*** If ANYONE has any video footage of the Mianus skit "Hell's Bells" or Roger's William Prynne monologue PLEASE let me know. Thanks!

NOMAD, Newtown, CT pics of us Nutting Girl, another Nutting Girl, hankies flying, Elise airborn, hitting the brick wall in (dance?). Article in Weekend Magazine (local paper for area) w/ pic of us doing Queen's Delight.

Eileen and Neal's wedding
, Waveny House, New Canaan CT (video, photo of us at dinner table)

summer? fall? 1991 Stamford Nature Center pic from Stamford Museum newsletter.

5 Day Wonder
(JL only)(= 9th) included Special Children's Center, Montessori School, Enfield School, Wedding at Stewart Park, Ithacare, Skylight Club, DeWitt Park and Commons, Micawber's, Farmer's Market, Robert Tremain State Park, Willowood Campsite

9th Annual Mixed Morris Ale, Mountain Lakes Camp, North Salem, NY (Palindrome Ale)
Mianus River hosts. Tours included Old Schoolhouse Bedford Village, Westmoreland Sanctuary, Muscoot, North Salem Winery, Croton Point Park, Kingsland Point Park, Warner Library, Yellow Monkey, Roger Baldwin Park, Norwalk Maritime Center?, Stamford Museum and Nature Center?, Greenwich (video), Kensico Dam (video), teams included: New Haven Morris and Sword, 3 Village, Middlesex,  Midnight Capers, Baltimorris, Rose and Thorn, Millstone, Four Corners, Hearts of Oak, New World Sword, Shandygaff Longsword, Springtide/Highland Mary, Hillside. (video), quiz!, music!, Wilton?, Wilton?, Wilton?, Wilton?, team portrait in Greenwich,  Video of everybody Winstering in Greenwich. (91 ale winster js.rm) News12 TV news story on the ale. Shot in Cannondale, they interview John Mazza, video of Greenwich Morris Men and us. (91? News12 l.rm), Claudia's poster, blurb and pic in unknown paper, letter to attendees about palindromes with palindrome music.

4/28? 5/5? /91 Pound Ridge Comunnity Church. pic 1, pic 2, pic 3

Folk Dance Ball, St Paul's Church, Teaneck, NJ, w/ Jim Gold

(unknown date but cold outside 1990) Party at Paul's Carol, John, Marie and Don, me, Jim, Gretchen, Mark, Claudia's legs, Susan, Pia and me.

1990 NOMAD w/ garland dancers, video

fall? 1990 Judith's Indian dinner: Judith in costume, Gail, everybody around the table, Pia

Greenwich 4th of July parade, Greenwich, CT

5 Day Wonder,
(JL only), photo

Marie's graduation party

CDSS 75th Anniversary, NYC. Raising someone in 9 Mens, a stick dance.

8th Annual Mixed Morris Ale, Spruce Pond Camp, Allenstown NH
Merrie Mac hosted, included Bear Brook State Park on Sat. (map, dancing there, 2 more and 2 more probably from this year), Hilton Park - Dover (Carol and John, me and John, all up), Portsmouth NH (video), teams included: New Haven, Hearts of Oak, Middlesex, Millstone, 3 Village, Twilight Bells, Rose and Thorn, Millstone, Midnight Capers, Four Corners (video of skits) nice pic of us all somewhere.

Small Scale Ale, NYC

Muscoot Park, NY

May Day at Pound Ridge Reservation, sticking (Nick Lento watching), Shepherd's Hey (musta been cold), c/u of Jim and Leah (another), Holly with Hobby (Elise watches), Mark, Jim, Leah, Nutting Girl (Alison? Marie? as #2)

Newspaper pic of Paul and Mark Smith (and Peggy Wojick in dress?) holding up the Maypole while Jim Norman plays concertina.

Norwalk Maritime Center, Norwalk, CT


Burke Rehabilitaion Center, White Plains, NY.

unknown date but probably in 1990: Team portrait (publicity photo?) taken at Greenwich Civic Center.
Back row: Carol, Nick Lento, John  Mazza, John L, Mark Smith,  Paul Kerlee. Front row: Leah, Nelson, Jim Norman

1/28/90?    (pics look like it's warmer out...)
Dedication of Greenwich Senior and Arts Center
, for Greenwich Arts Council,

pics of Ring O Bells: Lichfield heychorus all up

A hankie dance, (another dance?) hankie dance leaping! B&W of hankie dance end.

and some B&W composites:  #1   #2  #3   #4

12th Night at Pound Ridge Church. We carrry in the Boar's Head. John and Carol, Paul, Leah, Marie, John L, Eileen, Connie, Gail. Upton: me, John, Carol,
Me and Carol sticking, Eileen (John and Carol in background) (2 sets), Paul in hankie dance, Leah playing, Judith about to have dinner, Me, John, Carol, Marie, Connie, Gail, Eileen, Leah sitting at the dinner table, Program.

Jim Norman back from New Zealand party at Paul's

Candle lighting at Sunnyside Restoration,
w/ Millstone River 5-8pm

Boar's Head Festival, Old Greenwich, CT, 6 pm, w/ Gail, Marie, Paul, John L, Carol and John Mazza, Judith and Leah. Nice printed program.

Festival of Trees, Greenwich Civic Center, Old Greenwich, CT, 2pm w/ Six in Hand.

sometime in fall? Gail, Warren, Eileen and Roger

Thanksgiving party at Gail & Nelson's, 4pm

Morris party

NOMAD, Newtowne, CT w/ Mystic Garland, New Haven Morris and Sword and Six in Hand Sword.

Harvest Day, Stamford Nature Center, Stamford, CT, 2-2:15 & 2:30-2:45 pm

Third Biennial Odd Year No Weare Ale, Gould Hill Orchard, Contoocook, NH
included handout "57 uses for Morris Hankies". (I have some songs from the campfire of this.)

9/89 Septemberfest. Me doing a jig.

Renaissance Festival, Sterling Forest, NY
We do guerilla Morris (Real Morris) and get in trouble.

Norwalk Oyster Festival?

party at Paul's

Michael Bodner's party

5 Day Wonder, Camp Amahami, Deposit, NY
(JL only) (Listen to songs from around the campfire!)

summer? 1989, Paul in kit at LI Recorder Festival

summer? 1989, At Judith's house in kit with her pony.


Welsh (club?), NYC, 2pm (pic)

MiddleMac MerrieSex Mixed Morris Ale, Spruce Pond Camp, Allenstown NH (Mixed Ale #7)
: teams included Merrie Mac, Twilight Bells, New Haven, 3 Village, Midnight Capers, (Dudley Laufman), have itinerary/map  (I have songs from this on tape.) All up (Posrtsmouth?)

Pam (Goddard?) joins team

Paul's church, Pound Ridge and Pound Ridge Reservation.


Burke Rehabilitation Center, 6pm

Party for Jim Norman, Leah's house
(video) Jim with top hat cake, composite with more,

Amy & Gail's 30th birthday party, 2pm, North Haven, CT

Nathaniel Witherall, 6pm

Sword Ale

Round Hill

Victor & Valerie's party

(Party for Jim at Eileen's)?

Cabrini Nursing Home, Bronx?, NY,
1pm. Program: Winster, Nutting Girl, Upton, talk, King & Queen, Shepherd's Hey, Jig, talk, Sword, Singing (?, Rolling Down to Old Maui, Erie Canal?), Young Collins or Ring-O-Bells

Morris at Paul's

Karen at practice (?)

12th Night

1st Night Stamford, CT
(article in Greenwich Time the next day)


practice in kit

Elm City workshop, New Haven

rapper at practice w/ Andreus, Aaron, and Mr Hayden

3 Village (Renaissance Fair?)

NOMAD, video
Video on the CD:
Morning Star (88 nomad morning star 1.rm)
Bill Fisher in frame at begining, Tough to see as well I'm guessing 1-Carol, 2-Eileen, 3-Paul, 4-me?, 5-Mark, 6-John Mazza, 7-Judith?, 8-Marie

Round Hill performance, 5pm

Halloween Tour, Baltimore MD
, Hosted by Baltimorris

Flat Beer, New Hampshire

Eistedfodd, ?, MA

Bucknell (revisited) workshop, w/ Brad Foster, First Congregational Church, Old Greenwich, CT
($10/$5 students)

Singing at Paul's

Gail & Nelson appear and tell of Amy reappearing

Party at Paul's

Greenwich Guard Beer

King St Nursing Home, Greenwich, CT
7pm. We leave them in the dark... (knock their lights out?)

Party at Paul's

Party at Paul's

Five Day Wonder

33rd Annual International Folk Festival, Captain's Cove, Bridgeport, 1:30
dance on H.M.S. Rose

6th Annual Mixed Morris Ale
, New Haven Ct (Once in a Blue Moon Ale) including New Haven Green (video), Guilford Green (video), Teams included: Merrie Mac, Rose & Thorn, Midnight Capers, New Haven Morris and Sword, 3 Village, Millstone River, Baltimorris, Hearts of Oak, Blackstone Valley? Four Corners? Middlesex? Midnight Capers? (?= on T-shirt) (video of skit), mass dance schedule for Saturday, various pics of the team  some sitting, some with sticks, just about everybody sitting, Leah, Barbara Ruth sitting, Nutting Girl somewhere in Guilford (historic house and garden), unknown date but probably the Ale Janice and others sitting.

Video on the CD:
Winster (88 Ale NH Winster j.rm), New Haven Green, Lots of musicians, lots of dancers! Takes forever to get going.

Party at Gail & Nelson's w/ baby

Lynn & Dave's wedding, Lakeview Golf and Country Club, Bedford Hills, NY, 12:30 pm

Lynn appears at practice. We discover the Martha Stewart picture! Martha Stewart's Wedding Book has a pic of us
dancing at, yes, a wedding. We had no idea that happened until Lynn showed us the book!
(See 6/15/84 entry for more info.)

Pound Ridge

Muscoot Park

Chappaqua Library
2pm, party at Paul's after

We perform Sat 4/23 2:15 in lobby,
Video on the CD:
outside video. Nutting Girl (88 Neffa NG 1.rm) Hard to tell but I am guessing 1-Paul, 2-Eileen, 3, John Mazza, 4-Carol, 5-me, 6-Marie

Spring Valley, 6pm 
Team picture (Spring Valley?)


Paul's school

Robert Burn's party, Elmsford, NY

12th Night, 5pm

Cabrini, Bronx, NY 3pm after at Paul's

12th Night (environmental theme), Daycroft School, Greenwich, CT ($3/$1 children) w/ Six in Hand Sword, Solstice Singers, Hillside Morris, Minute Mumers, The Tuesday Night Consort, English Country Dancers, New Haven Morris and Sword, Musicians, 8pm
 (picture of JL as dragon)border dance in blackface, Abbots Bromley with horns, Mianus with swords approach the King and Queen of the Bean. Entire program w/ insert.

party at Paul's

12/31/87 First Night Stamford parade

Bucknell workshop, w/ Brad Foster, Daycroft School, 10:30 - 12:30, 2-3:30 ($10/$5 students) poster

Westmoreland Sanctuary, Mt Kisco, NY.

birthday party for Marie at Tumbledown's 6pm

Mark Smith joins team

Spring Valley (New City?), NY
(video) meet at Paul's 1:30.
Video on the CD:
with intro from podium, 1-Paul, 2-Eileen, 3-John Mazza, 4-Marie, 5-me, 6-Carol

3 Muskateers
1-Paul, 2-Marie, 3-me, 4-Carol, 5-John Mazza, 6-Eileen

Bonnie Green
1-Paul, 2 Marie, 3-me, 4-Carol, 5-John Mazza, 6-Eileen

Janice joins team

White Plains library?

Second Biennial Odd Year No Weare Ale,
Saturday schedule: 9:30 am Havenwood retirement home Concord, 10:30 am Concord Farmer's Market and State House Plaza, 1:15 pm Gould Hill Orchards, Hopkinton, 3 pm Lady Bug florist Weare, NH (JL goes)

Greenwich Common. Performance at 4:45, Party at Linda Winston's, Round Hill 10th Anniversary perform at intermission.

9/11/87 Greenwich Time? newspaper article promoting 9/12 performance

Ed #2 visit's Morris (=?)

Chappaqua library 7:15 after to Paul's

Five Day Wonder, Ithaca, NY (JL goes)

Brad Foster Fieldtown workshop (Monday night)

Meeting at Paul's where amongst other things Marie "agitates" we do Bampton left footed! She prevails and the rest is history.

Eileen's father's birthday 2pm

Nathaniel Witherall 6:30
(w/ Bruce, Steve and Martin from LA, after to Tumbledown's for singing, eating and dancing.) And a reminisce from Brian 9/5/99: " I think that may have been the occasion of my first public dance. And I still have vivid memories of Tumbledown's, because that was the first time I appeared in kit in a 'normal' place. Very self-conscious at first, but I soon hardened up."

New Haven Ale (Mixed Ale #5), Deer Lake Scout Camp, Killingworth, CT.
Teams included (according to T-shirt): Baltimorris, Blackstone Valley, Hearts of Oak, Lake Effect, Merrie Mac, Middlesex, Midnight Capers, Millstone River, New Haven Morris and Sword, Original Motley Morris, Rose and Thorn, Three Village. Sat we tour w/ Millstone & 3 Village to Stony Creek, Whitney Museum, Cross Campus of Yale and New Haven Green (video). Sun we tour w/ Hearts of Oak and New Haven to Bitsey Clark's, Whitfield House and Guilford Green (video). (video of skits) photos of 1) our infamous horizontal morris skit, 2) mass hankie dance with me, Eileen, Brian?, John Mazza. 3) Marie, Eileen amd Brian. team contact list  Video excerpt of our horizontal Morris skit. Contact list of teams.

Two pictures of uncertain date but probably from the Ale: 1) Peg being carnivorous , 2) Marie probably being vegetarian.

Ed joins team (Ed who?)

Paul's church 10:30 (bring lunch), Pound Ridge 2pm w/ Maypole, after at Paul's

Video on the CD:
Upton (87 PR Upton j.rm)
Nelson hobbying, 1-Paul, 2-Carol, 3-Peg, 4- Marie, 5-me, 6-Gail

Picture that ran in the Gannett Westchester paper to promote the Pound Ridge gig, taken at Washington's Headquarters Museum, White Plains, NY w/John L, Gail, Carol and Paul

Picture of Eileen (don't fool with Mother Nature!) in newspaper. Another pic of Eileen, Peggy?, Carol and Gail in The Ledger.

Poster by Marie

People standing around: Nelson and Gail and Nelson III?, Nelson as hobby, Peggy at Maypole, Paul and Carol at Maypole, me at Maypole, Maypole with audience. Leah, John L and Gail around Maypole

People dancing: Nutting Girl?, Nutting Girl, stick dance, hankie dance,
Maypole with audience, top of Maypole pattern, close up of Eileen in a hankie dance w/ Nelson and Carol.

Trinity Church, Parish hall, Ossining , NY.
Dorie Minich and Chip Hendrickson dance. Pot luck at 6, dance at 8-11, flyer


New Rochelle Presbyterian Church, 6:30 dinner

Burke Rehabilitation center

Washington's Headquarters Museum, White Plains, 2/3pm
photo, after: party at Paul's

Party at Gail & Nelson's

Sword Ale NYC Manhattan Brewery, 3pm

Sword Ale, NYC

Jim Norman joins team

Bridgeport Museum, 1:30, party after at John & Carol's

12th Night (#5), Daycroft w/ Greenwich Guard, recorder group, Six In Hand, Hillside Morris, Daycroft Chorus. Picture in the Greenwich News of team  in Abbots Bromley kit and antlers
and another picture and blurb with just Judith in antlers and kit.

Listen to whole show!

Boar's Head, Nels - song and intro, Nutting Girl - Ducklington (pictures: Eileen and Paul and me and Judith ready to do Nutting Girl?. Paul doing Nutting Girl), Nels - choose King & Queen (hear Carol Mazza), Pomp and Circumstance played on kazoos, King Art and Queen Gretchen (Mark's Gretchen?, thanked for caligraphy), Joy Health Love and Peace, The Shortest Day of the Year - ?, Hillsdale Morris - Ring O Bells, Mummer's Play with Six In Hand (w/ men & Fried, Genny, Jane Bridges?, Fran, Leah, Marie, Anne) w/ dance (Escrick), continued and another sword dance, Good King Wenceslas, Sussex Carol, Deck The Halls, Green Grow The Rushes O (I lead and screw up, very fast), Peace Round, A Soulin - kids, Abbots Bromley on concertina (edited) (listen to), recorders (too hot), some English Country dances played on piano and recorder with percussion, Rev Prynne - Nels, Upton - border morris style (picture: unknown dancers (Peggy? doing a border dance (Upton? with short sticks?) and blackface), Daycroft Chorus - What Child Is This, Figgy Duff, Nels - It's traditional to be unprepared, reading, recorders (sounds like Good Christian Men Rejoice), Greenwich Guard rapper - fast! listen to them!, Nels - Lord of the Dance, Ed Potter gets set up, (edit), Nels and curtain call (w/ cheers for Mianus).

Ducklington Workshop, w/ Sue Salmons, First Congregational Church gym, Old Greenwich, CT
10:30 - 12:30, 2-3:30 ($10/$5 students) (& Tree Festival?)  sign in sheet - see who was there.

Round Hill "presentation"

Apple Festival, Pound Ridge Reservation, NY 11am - 4pm

Westmoreland Sanctuary, 1pm

Christening 12 - 3, 2pm Nursing Home (King St?)

Greenwich Guard beer 1pm

Fall '86 newsletter published by Paul, pic of Me and Marie

1986? Some pics from a practice at the Civic Center (downstairs room). Probably when Amy either just returned or was about to go out west.  Me and Amy (Maryanne on left, Fried on right), Maryanne Zdniak with Nelson "Jellybean" Beers, everybody

Woodstock, CT 300th Birthday gathering sponsored by Rose and Thorn. Canceled?

5 Day Wonder.
(JL only) Just one of many treats: Movies: Hank the Peanut, Walt Disney's Fantasia (Sorcerer's Apprentice), Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind, NASA film, Buster Keaton gets voted down 1/3 through, Dulcinella gets voted down, Charlie Chaplin - The Tramp, Sorcerer's Apprentice again

Ring-O-Bells, NYC)?

4th Annual Mixed Morris Ale, New Haven CT

Bruce Museum, Greenwich, CT

Pound Ridge Church 10:30 am, Pound Ridge Reservation, NY 2pm w/ maypole


St Patrick's Day party at Gail & Nelson's 7pm

Burke Rehabilitation Center, White Plains, NY 7pm

From Paul's MRM Newsletter:
Welcome new dancers Peggy Wojick & Jane Curley. Others on team included: John M, Rick Gelineau, Valerie, Al Herman. Amy was in Seatlle, Marie in CA. Remember Roger? (w/ pic)

12th Night at Daycroft. poster!

Round Hill Country Dancers, Ahlmat Recorder Ensemble, NY Irregular Mummers (NYC), Half Moon Sword,  Mianus River Morris, Greenwich Guard,
Daycroft School Choir. Greenwich Time article.

listen to side a:
(* = Andreus) musical introduction: Tis a Gift to be Simple, hymn, I Dream of Jeanie, *, Good King Wenceslas, * choosing of the king & queen (w/ accordion music), * Boar’s Head Carol & processional, * Round Hill Country Dancers: 1) Shrewsbury Lasses, 2) Newcastle, Ahlmat Recorder Ensemble: 1) Endless Night, 2), 3), 4) Scottish folk song), 5), 6) Daycroft person reads from the Revels, * rowdy people outside, mummers play: w/ Ryan… Roger’s laugh)

listen to side b
mummers play cont, longsword entrance & dance, act 2: (… missed up to….?), intro to Greenwich Guard sung by Ryan & rapper sword dance, * country dance - Black Joke w/ bells, * bows, Dick Forsher calls, Chorus Jig, w/ Dancing Bear

12/24/85? 14 page letter from Marie from CA.

Marie's going away party at Gail & Nelson's

Greenwich Garden Club, 1pm
w/ Judith, Al Herman... John L calls most, Al calls 2 Dances: Winster, Shepherd's Hey, Constant Billy Headington, Upton, roast Beef, Highland Mary, Upton, Bonnie Green (considered: Flowers, Maid of the Mill, lads, Beaux, Sweet Jenny Jones, 3 Muskateers, Young Collins, Morningstar.

Westmoreland Santuary, Mt Kisco, NY.
(w/ Millstone) photo of singing that morning at my house.

Sherborne workshop w/ Gene Murrow, First Congregational Church, Old Greenwich, CT
Jessica Murrow on pipe & tabor. 10:30 - 12:30, 2:00- 3:30 Participants included: Millstones (Jim & Lindy Van Fleet, Roger), ? from New Haven, 4 or 5 from 3 Village.. 20-30 altogether. $5/$2.50 students  Party at Paul's after with Millstone (I have a cassette of some singing afterwards at my house. )

Greenwich Guard Beer 3rd Annual pic 1  
2 pics including one of Marie

(some time between 8/12 and 8/19) 1985, newsletter published by Paul (shows current roster)

Five Day Wonder (have itinerary)
Marie arrives and has to go home on the same day. Paul stays. Teams: New Haven, Merrie Mac, Wood's Hole, Millstone River, Thornden, Basset St Hounds, H of O. Pic set 1 & 2.

Pentacost Sunday at Pound Ridge Church, Pound Ridge, NY. pic of me and Paul, Lyn and ? and Leah with sticks up in an arch.

3rd Annual Mixed Morris Ale, Wood's Hole, MA. pic 1 - (from left to right) Paul with New Haven, Hearts of Oak & Millstone River (Princeton) and Fiddler's Reach (man in boat) hobby! walking in front of Woods Hole team. & pic 2 -  Marie and Lynn.

Pinkster, Phillipsburg Manor, NY (country dancing only?)

Pinkster, Phillipsburg Manor, NY

Nelson Park, Ossining, NY, 12 noon
From Leah's notes: Performance will start w/ Winster all around the park. We will be joined by Country Dancers and the May Queen.... will dance of r about 1/2 hr... there will be a Maypole. Paul will lead... join in Country Dances... and then off to Norwalk

St Paul's in the Green, Norwalk, CT, 3pm

Burke Rehabilitation?

Party at Gail & Nelson's

Nathaniel Witherall performance 6:30

12th Night at First Congregational Church, Old Greenwich, 8pm, $2.50/$1 for children. With the
Greenwich Guard (pic 1 & 2), Round Hill Country Dancers, Six in Hand Sword team (pics 1 & 2), Other pictures: Amy Brewer doing Fool's Jig 1 & 2, , Mummer's Play, Paul Maguire in dress, poster

10/19/84 Sherborne workshop with Gene Murrow at First Congregational Church in Old Greenwich. poster

9/84 Pound Ridge Community Church, set of pics 1 & 2.

8/84 Paul at Pinewoods

8/84 Greenwich Beer at the Haydens, Old Greenwich, CT. (unknown date) Dancing at Greenwich Common 12:30, Cos Cob center of town 2, Old Greenwich Firehouse 4, Hayden's 5 onwards.

6/15/84 We dance at a wedding in Stamford and later, a picture from it appears in the Martha Stewart Wedding Book! From a note by John or Carol Mazza: "The wedding took place at a private home on Brookdale Road in Stamford. That is off of High Ridge Road just north of the Stamford Museum and Nature Center and just barely south of North Stamford Road... I think the bride - Caroline (Damerell) Santandrea - knew Amy from somewhere, but I don't know where. I still have the original thank-you note from the bride here. We got $100 for the performance. The date was June 15, 1984."

2nd Annual Mixed Morris Ale, Wood's Hole, MA?
Teams included: Muddy River, Woods Hole, Mystic Garland, Marsh Island, Highland Mary, Westerly, Rose and Thorn, Ha'Penny, Wake Robin, New Haven Morris, Black Jokers, Merrie Mac, Bells of Mansfield, Millstone river, Midnight Capers, Newtown, Mt. Laurel, Pinewoods, Banbury Cross, Mianus unofficially? (Video! lots of fog...: dancing w/ hankies tied for 8? on PIER..., at baseball field: Fool’s jig for 2 (Diana’s voice in background), Amy does jig.)

(4/19? 5/6?) /84, May Day, Pound Ridge Reservation. Picture of the team at the time. Here's who I recognize (l-r): Amy, me?, Nick Shoumatouff?, ?, Lynn, Judith, Rick Gelineau?, ? with the hat, Al Herman in whites (Pinewoods kit), Elly, Freid, Paul.

Mianus becomes a CDSS associate member.
Letter from Sue Salmons.

   On from 4:30 to 5:15 Sat. with The Black Jokers! Other teams that may appear in video are Saturday: Muddy River, Woods Hole, Mystic Garland, Marsh Island, Highland Mary, Westerly, Rose and Thorn, Ha'Penny, Wake Robbin, New Haven, Sunday: Merrie Mac, Bells of Mansfield, Millstone River, Midnight Capers, Newtowne, Mt Laurel, Pinewoods, Banbury Cross.

3/24/84 Letter from Burke Rehabilitation Center in White Plains newsletter reviewing our performance there.

2/5/84 Burke Rehabilitation Center, White Plains, NY, 7:30 pm

12th Night, Daycroft School, Greenwich, CT 8pm
($2.50/$1.00 for children) w/ Greenwich Guard (pics 1 & 2), Six In Hand Sword, Hillside Morris and Round Hill Country Dancers. pic of John L and Paul), poster. Greenwich News article with pictures, Greenwich Time article with pictures.

Olde English Yuletide Feast and Renaissance Revel, Mamaroneck High School, Mamaroneck, NY 6 pm
(Amy Brewer, Director of Morris team), Artie Shaw (Greenwich MM) invited us.

10/17/83 Greenwich Beer. Invitation.

1st Mixed Morris Ale, Woods Hole, MA walking tour

5/21-22/83 Pinkster, Sleepy Hollow Restoration, Tarrytown, NY
We perform at 10:45, 12:45, 2:45 on Sat, 12:45 and 2:45 on Sun. And probably joined in for the Country dancing too.

Celebrating Dance Week at Greenwich Common,, Greenwich Common, Greenwich CT. Greenwich Arts Council event w/ Maypole by Barbara Lichtman

1983 NEFFA. Video. Black Joke w/ 1-Amy, 2-Paul, 3-Roger?, 4-Judith, 5-Gail, 6-John. Nelson horsing. We hear Carol? explaining how to use video camera to Elly. (?) Flowers of Edinburgh, (83 Neffa Flowers 1.rm) 1-Paul, 2-Amy, 3-Nelson, 4-Judight, 5-John Mazza, 6-Gail. Elly says "Lady you're right in my way. She's a friend of John's." to me about Carol. (I'm confused...If Carol told Elly how to use the camera then why did she say that?)

1/9/83 12th Night, Daycroft School, Greenwich Guard, Round Hill Country Dancers and friends. Here is a program for this event. Front cover, pages 1&2, 3&4, 5&6, 7&8, back cover.

Listen to the whole performance!

(part 1) Andreus introduces, The Boar's Head (Paul, Elly), Andreus, Ryan, Dick Forsher, Emily, Dick calls a dance, Ryan and Andreus - King of the Bean, longsword dance (Andreus's Emily fiddling?), The Wassail Song (Paul, Roger, me, Elly?, Nelson?, Paul?), Sweet Jenny Jones (Paul calling), Black Joke Adderbury, lute 2 tunes (tape was a bit wobbly here.)

(part 2) Fried intros but doesn't call Nonesuch and Fandango, Fandango (mistake in the B music), rapper intro (Andreus, Tony, Greg, Chuck, Aron, Ryan) & dance, Lord of the Dance - Jim Lucas leads (short edit), Prinderella - Judith (low level), Roger - Rev Prynne, Baeux of London City (Adderbury, Paul calling), Roger revives the musician, Flowers of Edinburgh, Andreus tries to recruit, Ed Potter calls a country dance, Daycroft announcements...

(it continues on to another performance?) Sussex carol (Paul leads with Elly), Andreus intros Fieldtown Nutting Girl jig, Fried? - Rufty Tufty, lute - 2 pieces, Mummers Play w/ Aron, Ryan, Elly as farmer, me as woman, Good Master and Good Mistress - Elly, Bonny Green and song

8/7/82 Morris dance festival in Wilcock Park Festival, 4pm, Westerly Center for the Arts, Westerly, RI. And country dance. (Have newspaper clipping. Did we perform?)

Old Time Fiddling Celebration, Pound Ridge Reservation.
John L sees Mianus River Morris and joins 7/9 (Friday 7:30-10pm) at the North Mianus Community Center.

Old Songs festival.
John L sees Binghamton Morris Men and decides he has to do Morris.)

6/2/82 Greg Menoher graduates from the Mianus River Acadamy of Traditional Dance (letter)

5/82 Pinkster, Sleepy Hollow, Phillipsburg Manor, North Tarrytown, NY (photo of Paul, Ryan Bowker, Dick Forscher, John Mazza, Greg Menoher, others?)

5/1/82 Whitby School, May Day, may pole and country dancing. (And Round Hill after?) Have newspaper clipping.

4/23-25/82 NEFFA

3/20/82 25th Anniversary dinner, Mr and Mrs Club, First Lutheren Church, Greenwich, CT
We perform after dinner.

3/13/82? Flyer to try to get new members at Round Hill.

Dedication of the Greenwich Senior and Arts Center
, John Mazza and Betsy McElhannon (and Nelson and Gail?). photo

Fol-De-Rol, Armonk Lions Club, Armonk NY.
We perform in front of gazebo from 3:30 to 4:15 (letter to Gail)

1981 NEFFA video (Jenny Lind done Chipping Camden/Poileston-style. Original video was green. This was the best I cold do...)

9/15/80 Greenwich Time Newspaper article about September United Way Block Party (Septemberfest).

Norwalk Oyster Festival, Norwalk CT

Teatown Lake Reservation, Ossining, NY 5 pm
w/ Paul Kerlee, Bernard Koser, Rima Laibow, John Mazza, Greg Menoher, Judith Schmidt, Gail Zygmont listed on the flyer!  A nice flyer just for us!

International Fitness and Dance Festival, Greenwich High School, Greenwich, CT


Unknown years (in chronological order)

unknown date
Dan of 3 Village teaches workshop at Daycroft.

Sword Ale (2/14 = Sat, 2/15 = Sun. Manhattan Brewery stop = Sun 2/15)
Teams included: Half Moon, Orion Sword, Greenwich Guard, Black Eyed Susan, New Haven M&S, Vorpal Sword, Shandygaff, Greenwich MM.

Morris dance workshop at YWCA, presented by Round Hill Country Dances, 7:30- 9:30 (pm?)

Free workshop at Round Hill Community Center 7-8 pm (before contra dance)

Eileen's, West Redding Rd, Danbury, CT 2pm

Summer Solstice party at Josie Oona & Morgan Loy (?), 4:30 till sundown, Greenwich, CT

New Rochelle Country Fair, New Rochelle, NY

Around the World w/ Animals, fund raiser for Palace Performing Arts Center, Norwalk, at the home of Linda Cabot Black, Wilton, CT

Harvest Day, Stamford Museum, Stamford Ct

Morris dance and Mummers Play, White Plains library, White Plains, NY 3 pm

Heddington & Fieldtown workshop w/ Brad Foster (before Round Hill dance), Mianus River Community Center, Riverside, CT

12/14-16 & 21-23   
A Dickens Christmas, Second Congregational Church, Greenwich, CT (North Mianus Morris doing Princess Royal jig)

Sing Back the Sun, Irvington Town Hall, Irvington, NY &

Sing Back The Sun, The Armor Hall at Wave Hill, Bronx,   NY

12th Night.
We have performed in and produced many 12th Night Ceremonies, most of them at the former Daycroft School in Greenwich.

Pinkster - A Spring Frolic, Sleepy Hollow, Phillipsburg Manor, North Tarrytown, NY

perform for photographer in Wilton
(Her father ran Roger's & Hammerstein Library of NYPL). She was on team briefly.

Lakeover Golf & Country Club, Bedford Hills, NY

Courtland Nursing Home, Stamford, CT 7pm

Rye Green, Rye, NY
(by Square House, other performers included Jay Unger & Molly Mason...) included Roger, Amy, Lynn, Judith, JL, Nelson? photo

Recurring events/dates

Greenwich Guard Beer (3rd = 9/7/85)

NEFFA (3rd weekend in April?) we have performed there off and on since at least 1981.

May Day at Pound Ridge, since at least 1983.

May Day at New Haven: have done it as a team 12? years, a few team members have gone a few more times.

NOMAD (dates vary), since ?

5 Day Wonders: A few from the team (Paul, Marie, John, more?) went one year (=?). John L went many more years. 1990 photo  6/19-23/91 (= 9th) included Special Children's Center, Montessori School, Enfield School, Wedding at Stewart Park, Ithacare, Skylight Club, DeWitt Park and Commons, Micawber's, Farmer's Market, Robert Tremain State Park, Willowood Campsite

Hounds Ale: John L went 1999

Toronto Ale?

Midwest Ale?

Photos of unknown dates

Maypole at Pound Rudge (when?)

Stamford musuem. Jim and Leah playing. (When?)

Team portrait, Greenwich?, at an Ale (when?)

Leah, Marie and Brian at an Ale (when? where?)

Paul, Leah, Andy Kuntz and Jim playing (where? when?)

Unknown musician, Jim Norman and Leah playing (where? Kingsland Point Park?, when?)

Team singing at dining hall, Mountain Lakes Camp, when?

Processing on, (where? Greeneich?, when?)

Team portrait (where? when) back row l-r: Alison, Marcye, Claudia, Bonnie, John L, Andee, Leah. Front row: Carol, John M.

Close up of Mark sticking.

Party at Paul's in the 80s?, summertime. Me and Marie from another time.

Paul dancing for his kids at school.

Paul in first kit. Another.

Two from Pund Ridge Church. pic with Lynn and Al at top  A series pf pics from the Pound Ridge Community Church (includes Fried in brown Mianus shirt.) (Unknown year)

And for the best photographs I've seen of Morris dancing, see
the Commonwealth page. Amazing.

Random info

Itinerary of a Wood's Hole Ale: Breakfast 9-9:30, activities 11 am, Sat: Busking afternoon, Sunday: Tour/ Busking Bourne (Martha's Vineyard?), Sunday night contra dance. Monday: Hyannis Fest: Lead parade/lunch 2:30 end

Martin Harris (Sunset Morris fool) is contact for Marie's songbook.

? New Haven Ale (Deer Lake Scout Camp, Killingworth) Sunday tour #3 stops: Trolley Museum, lunch at Ada's (Guilford), Whitfield House Guilford, Guilford Green