DVD Compilations


I made some DVD compilations of pretty much the same videos you see on YouTube. Info on all that is below.

Best of Ale Skits #1 2 3
Best of Mianus River Morris 1 2 3 4 5
Best of Other Morris teams 1 2
American Travelling Morrice, New London, CT, 7/25/98
American Travelling Morrice, Weschester/Putnam/Dutchess County NY tour, 8/17-8/23/08 (3 DVDs)
Best of English Teams 1 2
Pia's tape of the New Haven Ale, 1988.

The Best of Mixed Ale Skits, pt 1

1) Mianus - Horizontal Morris
2) Millstone River - Star Trek Mummers Play
3) New Haven - Step Sisters Rapper

4) various - 6 Musicians and a Dancer
5) various - Blind Morris
6) Midnight Capers - New Age Morris
7) New Haven Liberation & Baguette - Bound and Gagged
8) Three Village - Demanding Teams
9) New Haven - Chef and Other Jokes
10) Millstone River - Luxury and Trunkles song

The Best of Mixed Ale Skits, pt 2

1) Chris from New Hampshire & ? - Midget Nutting Girl Jig
2) Hearts of Oak - Wrestling
3) Various - Librarian Morris
4) Jim Blake - Larry G's
5) Midnight Capers - S&M Morris
6) Baltimorris - Fool Away
7) Mianus - Feathered Wife
8) Lifeguards
9) New Haven - New Jobs
10) Roger Geach - Rev Prynne (excerpt only)
11) Mianus and Hat City - Umbrella Morris
12) Baltimorris (Brad) - Thesis

The Best of Mixed Ale Skits, pt 3

1) Rose and Thorn - The Energizer Bunny
2) Andee & Jim Norman - Hans and Franz
3) Andee & Patsy - The Balderick Guild
4) Millstone River - 2001
5) Andee - Queen Comeoniwannalaya
6) Mianus - Brian and Marie's Wedding
7) Andee - The Flasher
8) New Haven - Step Sisters Rapper
9) New Haven - Guru

10) Claudia (and Hat City and others) - Native American Roots & Clipboard

The Best of Mianus River Morris, Vol 1

1) 1981, NEFFA, Jenny Lind (Poileston)
2) 1981, NEFFA, Maid of the Mill (Poileston)
3) 1983, NEFFA, Black Joke (Adderbury)
4) 1983, NEFFA, Old Woman (Tossed Up In A Blanket)
5) 1983, NEFFA, Flowers of Edinburgh (Poileston)
6) 1984, NEFFA, The Bridge (& Roger, Elly and Lynn at end)
7) 1986, NEFFA, Sweet Jenny Jones
8) 1986, NEFFA, massed Constant Billy (Adderbury)
9) 1987, Pound Ridge Reservation, Constant Billy (Headington)
10) 1987, Pound Ridge Reservation, Upton
11) 1987, Pound Ridge Reservation, Maypole
12) 1987, Pound Ridge Reservation, Shepherds' Hey
13) 1987, New Haven Green, resting
14) 1987, Guilford Green, Upton
15) 1988, NEFFA, Nutting Girl (on grass)
16) 1988, NEFFA, Nutting Girl (on patio)
17) 1988, NEFFA, Upton (in cafeteria)
18) 1988, NEFFA, watching massed Step Back
19) 1988, NEFFA, How cold is it?
20) 1985, Sherborne workshop w/ Gene Murrow (ghosts!)

The Best of Mianus River Morris, Vol 2
Beware: Video quality is poor in most segments.

1) At Judith's
2) Going-away party for Marie at the Beers'

1988 New Haven Ale
3) New Haven Green, Monck's March for 4
4) Guilford Green, Nutting Girl (Ducklington)

5) Party for Jim Norman
    6) Marie reads poem
    7) Maori chant
    8) South Pacific sticking
    9) sword & singing & cake
    10) singing
    11) Upton w/ short sticks

1988 NOMAD
12) Old Woman, Carol falls
13) Morning Star

1990 Ale
14) we watch others
15) Blue Eyed Stranger
16) Monck's March
17) we rest
18) 9 Men's Morris, lift Holly and sing Happy Birthday

1990 NOMAD
19) Young Collins
20) 9 Men's Morris
21) 9 Men's Morris #2

22) Eileen and Neal's wedding
    23) Winster w/ Eileen
    24) Song & Nutting Girl (Ducklington)
    25) Young Collins
    26) arch of sticks & cut the cake
    27) Monck's March

28) 1991 Ale, News 12 story on it

The Best of Mianus River Morris, Vol 3

1) Ale, Greenwich, Winster
2) Ale, Greenwich, we walk in for (Young Collins?) and walk out old

3) Ale, Kensico Dam, Sweet Jenny Jones (2 sets)
4) Ale, Greenwich, 9 Men's Morris
5) Ale, Greenwich, Bonny Green
6) Ale, Grenwich, team pic
7) NOMAD, Sweet Jenny Jones
8) NOMAD, Queen's Delight
9) 1992 practice at Nathaniel Witherellw/ Oliver Bacon visiting
10) 1992? 1993? Party at John and Carol's

11) NEFFA, Upton
12) NEFFA, Queen's Delight
13) NEFFA, Nutting Girl (Ducklington)
14) NEFFA, 9 Men's Morris
15) Pound Ridge Reservation, Boghouse

The Best of Mianus River Morris, Vol 4
All 1993

1) Muscoot Farm, 2 sets of Nutting Girl
2) Muscoot Farm, Boghouse
3) Kensico Dam, Morning Star
4) Cannondale, Vandals
5) Greenwich, 2 sets of Black Joke
6) Kensico Dam, Morning Star
7) Greenwich, chant
8) Greenwich, Bonnie Green
9) Greenwich, team pic and chant
10) North Salem, NY camp, song
11) North Salem, NY camp, thanks
12) North Salem, NY camp, Who will do it next?
13) North Salem, NY camp, Chad

Alison's wedding in the Catskills, 9/93
14) Arrival of the groom by canoe
15) Here Comes The Bride
16) Nutting Girl (Ducklington)
17) Upton
18) Queen's Delight
19) song
20)Waltzing Matilda

Patsy's Pub party, 9/93
21) croquet
22) Nutting Girl (Ducklington)
23)Highland Mary
24) 3 Muskateers

25) Upton
26) Queen's Delight
27) Mass Balance The Straw
28) Ring O' Bells

The Best of Mianus River Morris, Vol 5

1) 1994 Ale, Chappaqua Library, we watch others
2) 1994 Ale, Chappaqua Library, Step and Fetch Her
3) 1994 Ale, Kingsland Point Park, 3 Muskateers
4) 1994 Ale, Kensico Dam, 2 sets of Upton
5) 1994 Ale, Ridgefield, 9 Men's Morris
6) 1994 The Ship Ale, Webley Twizzle
7) 1996 Ale, John Hay Homestead, Blue-eyed Stranger
8) 1996 Ale, Cannondale, some Bacons and John

9) 1987 Spring Valley, Winster
10) 1987 Spring Valley, Upton
11) 1987 Spring Valley, 3 Muskateers
12) 1987 Spring Valley, Bonnie Green Garters

American Travelling Morrice
New London, CT, 7/25/98

Camp Harkness
1) censored
2) Getting Upstairs - Headington
3) Why is it called Morris Dancing?
4) Dearest Dickie - Fieldtown
5) Blue Eyed Stranger - Bucknell
6) Vandals - Lichfield
7) Princess Royal (double jig)
8) The Fox - Ducklington/Strong, ME
9) Binghamton stick dance
10) censored

Downtown New London
11) Step and Fetch Her - Bampton (corner crossing!)
12) censored
13) Jockey To The Fair - Ducklington
14) Bonnie Green - Bampton
15) singing at the Road House

Ft Griswold, Groton
16) Belle Isle - Longborough
17) Webley jig - Bampton
18) Trunkles - Bampton (massed)
19 Sheriff's Ride - Lichfield

American Travelling Morrice
Tour of Weschester, Putnam and Dutchess Counties (NY) tour, 8/17-8/23/08

DVD #1

Sunday 8/17,
Pawling Village Center

1) BDL, Step And Fetch Her (Bampton)
2) BDL dances, Yankee Doodle (in the style of Bampton)
3) BDL, How Do You Do Sir (Sherborne)
4) BDL hat-passing schtick
5) Queen's Delight (Bucknell)
6) Japanese intro to Boys of the Bunch (Ducklington) cut short
7) Chipping Off (Chipping Campden)
8) singing (NewJames)

Pawling, Akin Library
9) Trunkles (Bampton)
10) Cuckoo's Nest (Sherborne), Japanese intro
11) Balance The Straw (Fieldtown)
12) BDL spiel, the language of English
13) Dance #2 (Chipping Campden)
14) Young Collins (Bledington)
15) Chipping Off (Chipping Campden)
16) encore: Gilbertsville 3-Man Jig (Sherborne)

Pawling, Towne Crier Cafe
17) singing We'll Drive Dull Care Away
18) singing Over The Hills And Far Away
19) singing Good Ale
20) singing Let Union Be
21) singing The Good Old Way/Glory In My Soul
22) Ladie's of Pleasure jig (Bledington)
23) Nutting G jig (Fieldtown)
24) Stardust on fiddle
25) Devil Went Down To Georgia - fiddle and spoken

(menu title 8/22-1)

Friday 8/22
Hilltop Hanover Farm
1 - before dancing, missed beginning of dance, hankies
2 - BDL and JM, Balance The Straw (Fieldtown?)
3 - BDL begs, Lollipop Man?, hankies
4 - John Barleycorn, 2 fools schtick
5 - BDL, Cuckoo's Nest (Sherborne)
6 - Banbury Bill (Bampton)
7 - BDL, Young Collins (Bledington)
8 - BDL brings in girl, JM "safety consideration", BDL "don't do anything I do", Chipping Off

Pleasantville RR station
9 - Trunkles
10 - Glorishears (Bledington)
11 - BDL, James, Orange In Bloom (Sherborne)
12 - unknown dance (Headington), BDL w/ reggae cap & hair
13 - unknown dance (Bledington?), BDL dancing
14 - Maid of the Mill (Bampton)
15 - Chipping Off
16 - fiddling in pub

100 Sunnyside Ave
17 - unknown dance (Bampton?)
18 - BDL picks out woman from crowd, JM - stand in the sunshine, Maid of the Mill (Bampton)

DVD #2

Friday 8/22
100 Sunnyside Ave cont.

19) James begs, Nutting Girl jig for 2
20) Jockey To The Fair (tradition?), JM drags can across set!
21) Banbury Bill intro, BDL long intro, Country Gardens (Bampton?), John Dexter on fiddle
22) BDL "We put the farewell dance in the middle so as not to disappoint anyone", JM thanks Artie the cop, Chipping Off

Croton, Justin Thyme
23) Jockey To The Fair, I miss beginning
24) unknown dance, hankies, BDL
25) Gilbertsville 3-man jig, Jim Morrison fiddling
26) Binghamton Stick Dance, JM dancing
27) BDL intros and dances,  unknown dance, BDL does shaving contest
28) Chipping Campden dance (title?)
29) Young Collins (Bledington)
30) How Do You Do Sir (Sherborne), BDL
31) sing Haul Away Joe - audio only
32) James sings unknown song
33) all sing I Love My Pick And Shovel

Justin Thyme cont.
1) & 2) pics on computer
3) sing Yeller Girl Nathanial Diamond

Saturday 8/23
Tarrytown Farmers Market

4) Banbury Bill (Bampton)
5) Greensleaves (Stanton-on-Harcourt)
6) BDL begs, Blue Eyed Stranger (Bledington?)
7) Nutting Girl double jig
8) My Lord of Sherbourne Set Jig
9) BDL, hands, shoe phone to lady, Shepherds Hey (Bampton), JM gets 2 girls to hold tape
10) Chipping Off - BDL skips off w/ 2 girls!

Tarrytown, Pierson Park
11) Jockey To The Fair end only
12) Yankee Doodle (in the style of Bampton)
13) BDL begs, How Do You Do Sir
14) BDL dances, Constant William (Chipping Campden)
15) BDL intros jig Jockey To The Fair jig (Bledington), Jim Morrison plays fiddle
16) Getting Up Stairs (Headington)
17) Chipping Off into the men's room

Stone Barns Center
18) BDL intro, The Fox (Ducklington), incomplete
19) Longborough stick dance (Chipping Campden)?

Stone Barns Center  continued
1) BDL begs, Dearest Dickie (Fieldtown), This is the dance I had questions about keeping.

DVD #3

Stone Barns Center cont.

1) Orange In Bloom
2) Lads a Bunchum (Adderbury)
3) Gallant Hussar (Bledington), BDL on ground in front of musicians
4) Lollipop Man (Ducklington)
5) cheer musicians, Chipping Off, JM rattles can at end

Ossining Marketplace
6) Highland Mary (Bampton)
7) Binghamton Stick Dance

Ossining Marketplace cont.

1) Jockey To The Fair (Ducklington)
2) James begs, Webley Jig (Bampton), Dave injures foot/ankle
3) JM jokes about it, Gilbertsville 3-Man jig (in the style of Bledington)
Ossining Marketplace cont.

4) JM has extra right foot, Princess Royal jig(Bampton)
5) Banks of the Dee  (Fieldtown)
6) Chipping Off, surround musicians

Peekskill Waterfront Park
7) Step & Fetch Her (Bampton)
8) BDL, Jockey To The Fair (Brackley)
9) BDL begs, The John Peel (Bampton)
10) Trunkles (Bledington)
11) missed a little of the music intro, John Barelycorn (in the style of Bampton)
12) Lads A Bunchum (Sherborne)
13) Chipping Off, "This concludes the 33rd ATM & we're paying for it.", BDL, circle around musicians

singing at The Peekskill Brewery
14) Glorious Ale, missed beginning, JM leading
15) Where Stormy Winds Do Blow, Ken leads
16) Haul Away Joe, missed beginning,  sung by Chris "Carnage" Murray
17) Good Ale sung by "Hurricane" Mike Vitale

Other Morris Teams, Vol 1
1988 NEFFA, Massed Balance The Sraw (Waltzing Matilda)
1988 NEFFA, Mystic Garland (in the cafeteria)

1988 Mixed Ale
New Haven Green, Winster
New Haven Green, 3 Village, Furze Field
New Haven Gree, Hearts of Oak intro only
New Haven Green, Millstone, Old Peculiar
New Haven Green, Bonny Green
Guilford Green, New Haven, Glorishears

1991 Mixed Ale
Greenwich, Hearts of Oak, Trunkles
Greenwich, Bill Fisher falls and his clogs

1992 Mixed Ale
Kensico Dam, Palo Alto, unknown jig for 3
Kensico Dam, crowd watching
Kensico Dam, massed Step Back
Kensico Dam, 3 Village, Lustig Zine
Kensico Dam, Jigs R Us, unknown jig
Kensico Dam, Bonny Green

1993 Mixed Ale cont.
Chappaqua Library, Jeff Bigler, fiddler's jig
Kensico Dam, Millstone River, Steamfitters
Greenwich, (from Maine?) dance w/ hankies tied together
Greenwich, Jigs R Us (w/ Pat's son)

Other Morris Teams, Vol 2
1994 NEFFA, massed Step Back

1994 Mixed Ale
Chappaqua Library, Millstone River, Curley-Headed Ploughboy
Kingsland Point Park, Millstone River, Shepherds' Hey (Bampton)
Danbury, Hat City (debut), Young Collins, (Bledington)
Ballard Park, Ridgefield, Hat City, 3 Muskateers

1994 The Ship Ale, shopping center, Handsone Molly, (Jersey Devil?)
1994, The Ship Ale, shopping center, Millstone River, Steamfitters

1995 Mixed Ale,
Putnam Park, Redding, Not For Joes, Valient Soldier (premiere)
Ballard Park, Ridgefield, Hat City, Lustig Zine
Ballard Park, Ridgefield, massed Step Back
Ballard Park, Ridgefield,  Not For Joes, unknown dance
Ballard Park, Ridgefield, Midnight Capers, unknown hankie dance

1996 Mixed Ale
John Jay Homestead, 3 Village, Lustig Zine
Yellow Monkey Antiques, Midnight Capers, Princess Royal, jig for 5!
Kensico Dam, Not For Joes, Morning Star
Cannondale, Rebecca of Rose and Thorn, Nutting Girl jig, (Bampton)
Cannondale, Greenwich Morris Men, Maid of the Mill

English Morris teams, Vol 1

unknown team, Constant Nilly
unknown team, Steamfitting? (Constant Billy Adderburty tune)
unknown team, Rin O Bells
same team, unknown dance
Great Western, many on stage doing Constant Billy Adderbury border style
Great Western, many on stage, 9 men's morris (w/ bagpipes!)
Ian Campbell, Knuckle Down, jig
Dave Roberts doing jig w/ accordion
unknown dancer, jig, Princess Royal, (Oddington)
Keith Leech, jig (Fieldtown), tune is Waltzing Matilda, Musician (Dave Roberts) plays upside down!
Royal George - Bully Off
Royal George - Knob Jockey
7 Champions - Mornington Crescent molly dance
7 Champions - Baca Pipes using two seated people
two border dancers on stage (Royal George) - Galliwag
more border dancers on stage (Royal George & Mary Rose), Charlotte St ("danced exclusively by the men, mostly.")
Great Western Morris - "40 Seconds", fast, many on stage
7 Champions - Ten Hand Reel (Hit The Road, Jack sung by June Tabor!)

English Morris Teams, Vol 2

1994 Ship Ale, Cam Valley Morris (4 dancers)
Miryam's Farm, The Valentine, Ashton Under Wychwood, hankie dance
Miryam's Farm, Country Gardens
vineayrd, Highland Mary
vineyard, Beaux of London City, w/ Andee reviving them
shopping mall, Saturday Night, hankie dance
shopping mall, Cuckoo's Nest, killer Bledington dance
shopping mall, Vandals
shopping mall, Brighton Camp
shopping mall, HUMP excerpts

10/24/99 Princeton Day of Dance, Belchamp Morris
downtown Princeton, unknown dance
Terhune Orchards, hankie-tied dance
Terhune Orchards, hankie-tied dance taught